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Are You Ready for eMarketing?

Internet marketing is well into its fourth generation and it is fueling a marketing transformation. eMarketing is what it is called and it uses Internet technology to build personalized relationships to acquire and retain customers.

Do you ever ask: What is the best way to reach my best prospects? - or Ė How can I develop relationships that will convert them to loyal customers? Ė or - Is my Internet marketing delivering a positive ROI?

Take a look at some of our successful eMarketing campaigns. If you arenít getting these benefits from your Internet marketing initiatives, we should talk.

Your Internet marketing success will not be determined by technology alone. You need the skills to use it properly to generate and convert leads and retain your best customers while you drive down your costs. We conduct seminars and workshops to develop the skills you need to effectively employ eMarketing in your marketing mix.

Donít have the eMarketing tools? We can supply them, too. We can provide you with a hosted marketing automation application to build your eMarketing programs and campaigns. And we can help you use proven Best Practices to acheive your eMarketing objectives.

Want to learn more about eMarketing? Read Page Duffy's February article in "Sales and Marketing Excellence", eMarketing 101 - What Sales and Marketing Managers Need to Know.

If you are looking for a better way to acquire and retain customers, we should talk. Contact us today.

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