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Some of our successful eMarketing Projects:
Tsys Was the eMarketing Consultant for for the investment group that acquired this leading eMail Marketing Software and Services provider. Post-acquisition services included development and implementation of an Effective Internet Marketing Plan and implementing Strategy.
Micromuse Developed an eMarketing Event Management Campaign for a three-day worldwide User Group meeting in Boston. The program included email invitations and reminders, online registration for different sessions, hotel reservations and outside activities, and a bridge to an online payment gateway for all payments.
Profit Search Inc. Developed a hosted eNewsletter Campaign for this New England accounts payable audit and recovery firm to maintain top-of-mind awareness with their customers and prospects. Program metrics for the email Subscription Offer included 89% Subscriptionsand 1% Viral Registrations. The first eNewsletter had a 46% open rate and only .7% opt-outs.
Fidelity Insight Portfolios Provided an eMarketing Customer Acquisition Campaign for this online Fidelity funds advisory service. 5 Secrets to Fidelity Success was a five-week series of automated, personalized html email investment tips. Program metrics included 81% Registration Form submission rate, 8% Viral Registration rate and 22% click-through rate to a marketing microsite.
Standard & Poor's Provided ongoing eMarketing consulting for enterprise wide eMarketing Campaigns that feature online management of world-wide events and migration of print publications to eNewsletter format. This has also created opportunities to introduce the broad range of S & P products and services to segments previously unaware of those capabilities.
Lead development of an eMarketing Customer Retention Campaign for Rogaine Results that featured a 33 week series of personalized email contacts with dynamic content. Program was so successful that a parallel paper-based program was eliminated and migrated online.
MarketFirst Software Developed and piloted a one day eMarketing Workshop for MarketFirst Software internal consultants and customers. Attendees learned principles of effective relationship and email marketing and received practical advice on best practices in building acquisition and retention campaigns with marketing automation tools.
RoadRunner Developed an automated email Nurturing Campaign for RoadRunner for prospects that declined immediate purchase of broadband cable internet connections after inquiring about local availability. Emails contained increasingly attractive sign-up offers over a 30 day period that delivered positive ROI for the program.
GE Plastics Developed design concept for an automated online Viral Marketing Campaign for GE Plastics to enroll subscribers to an online newsletter.
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