Produce Real Results from your Web-based Marketing

Your Internet marketing success will not be determined by the technology alone. You will need an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy to acquire new customers and then retain your best customers while you drive down your marketing costs.

Do you ever ask: What is happening with my web site? - or - What could be happening with my web site? - or - What should be happening with my web site?

At JPD Associates, we have developed a proven process to deliver real results for your Internet marketing investment. It is a four step model for developing and implementing an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy. The model is:

•   Attract - your target audience to your Web site. We focus on search engine positioning, email marketing and eMarketing.
•  Engage - your visitors when and where they arrive with relevant content. Learn how to see if they are being engaged and what to do about it.
•  Retain - contact with your visitors so you can move them through your sales cycle. Build personalized relationships with email and eMarketing programs.
•  Transact - the responses you need to achieve your Internet marketing objectives. We help you track and analyze your results and calculate your ROI.

We work with businesses at all stages of Internet marketing from strategy development to program implementation. Some clients need to implement the complete model and others only need some elements to get their Internet marketing producing the results they need. Take a look at our client list from the menu above.

Working with us will lead you to proven practical approaches and help you avoid unnecessary and unproductive expenditures.

If you are serious about using the Internet to acquire and retain customers, you have probably integrated email marketing into your marketing media mix. Whether you have already or are contemplating it, you may find this resource helpful. We've provided you a page of Tips for Effective Email Marketing here on our Web site. It's our way of introducing ourselves, and is in keeping with the traditional culture of the Net to provide something useful at every Web site. We hope you find it helpful.

If you arenít getting the results you need from your Internet marketing initiatives, or aren't sure, we should talk. Contact us today.

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