Some of our successful Internet Marketing Projects:
MetLife Investors The MetLife Investors marketing-lead multi-function project team needed consulting services during development, testing and roll-out of a new Broker website that facilitated access to Brokers' account information, selling tools, product information, marketing collateral and administrative documents.
MD Solutions MD Solutions needed an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy to "Attract, Engage and Retain" contact with leads for its MD PayPost™ automated payment posting software for medical practice management systems.
Statehouse News Service The Statehouse News Service needed an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy to build the subscriber base for this online news bureau located in the Massachusetts state house. Successful "Attract" campaigns included email and incentivized Viral Marketing.
Bits and Pieces Bits and Pieces needed a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy to "Attract, Engage, Retain and Transact" online with customers after they had migrated their puzzles and gifts mail order catalog to the Web.
Eastpointe Mortgage Co Eastpointe Mortgage Co. needed an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy to "Attract , Engage, Retain and Transact" leads with their mortgage brokerage Web site.
Northeastern University Northeastern University Online needed an Internet marketing plan and implementing strategy to "Attract, Engage and Transact" with prospective students for their new Web-based distance learning programs.
Compaq Compaq wanted to migrate their lead generation and qualification system to the Internet with a Web-enabled response form to be used at trade shows and other Sales and Marketing events.
MarketFirst Software MarketFirst Software sponsored a Seminar Series managed online and developed by JPD Assoc. that became their primary source of leads. Seminar presentations by Page Duffy included "Developing an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy" and "Using Marketing Automation to Attract and Retain Customers".
The Society of Thoracic Surgeons The Society of Thoracic Surgeons sold out a series of 1/2 day seminars at their Annual Meeting to get their members up-to-speed quickly on how to effectively access and use the Internet to stay current in their field.
Super Coups Super Coups needed both a sales seminar to recruit new franchisees and a training program to develop the skills both new and existing franchisees would need to efectively utilize their Internet-based Coupon programs.
Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's ordered a series of "Roadmap for Effective Internet Marketing" workshops. Featured topics included building personalized email and Web-based marketing campaigns to both acquire and retain customers.

Network Northeastern
Network Northeastern in conjunction with the National Technological University broadcasts Page Duffy's seminars on "How to Develop Effective Internet Marketing Strategies" to corporate sites via satellite delivery.
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